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India: Mirror of Truth

A Seven Year Pilgrimage

The passion for Eastern spirituality that swept America in the 60’s and 70’s is back; only this time the appeal is broader and more people are hungry for it. According to a Time magazine cover story, ten million Americans now practice some form of meditation. Millions more have embarked on the search to self discover through religion and self-enquiry.

  • Promotes cultural exchange and a broader world view
  • Expands the spiritual awareness of the reader
  • Affirms the readers commitment to lead a spiritual life
  • Offers practical advice for conscious living
  • Explains eastern philosophy in fresh, unambiguous terms
  • Addresses the need to integrate East and West within each of us
  • Offers lucid descriptions of benchmark experiences on the spiritual path
  • Articulates the need for cooperation rather than divisiveness among world religions
  • Helps the reader understand India, a global socioeconomic force of the future
  • Inspires the reader with stories of saints, ancient and contemporary
  • Provides a vision for a balanced, harmonious collective consciousness
  • Offers support on the psychology of death, dying, and bereavement
  • Offers tips for maintaining physical and mental well being
  • Offers insight on how to choose a guru or spiritual guide
  • Insights into karma, reincarnation, bhakti, kundalini, moksha, and ascension
  • How to culture devotion while balancing the ego

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