Short Excerpts

Both destiny and free will have a role to play in the drama of one’s life. Destiny is the road on which we travel. Free will is the roadside shops we enter along the way.

Freeing oneself from the wheel of karma is never easy. There is only one way to free oneself from the wheel of cause and effect, and that is holding firm to the inner Self regardless of the outer condition.

The true value of astrology has been almost entirely forgotten. Every planetary situation is positive. A shift in the planets just means there is a different way for a person to think and act.

In ages past, humans lived much longer, giving them the opportunity to see the consequences of their actions.

When karma from one life doesn’t return until a future incarnation, men fail to connect cause and effect. Consequently, the wheel of karma doesn’t serve as the learning tool it was meant to be.

If God wanted most humans to be immortal, he would have made it that way, but there is value in changing forms. For most souls, to have one body forever would be like reading one book, and assuming you understand all of literature.

The mind controls the body. When the mind is singularly focused, balanced, and fully wakeful, the body follows wherever the mind leads it. An ageless body results.

Love is the highest expression of life. There exists more love on earth than the air we breathe, but who would believe it.

Ego wears a thousand masks. Never assume the ego is dead.  

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